Babysitting Ministry

Many children get their first experience of a loving parish community through our nursery during Mass and other parish events. This ministry provides a precious moment of peace for parents so they can get in touch with God. Children ages one and up are accepted, though around age five, children are encouraged to begin going to Mass with their parents.

Babysitting is provided during Saturday and Sunday Masses, as well as during many parish events throughout the year. There is no babysitting offered on holidays so that the sitters may spend time with their own families.

We are very blessed and thrilled to have such a beautiful nursery in which to watch the children. We do ask for donations from families for diapers, wipes, toys, games, DVDs, books, etc. There is a TV in the nursery which is used as an educational tool in teaching the children a little bit of what goes on at Mass.

Contact: Bonnie Dollin at or 724-935-2104 X230