What is Baptism?

Baptism is the first Sacrament of Christian Initiation, bringing the baptized individual into the family of God by washing away Original Sin.

Baptisms are usually celebrated during Mass, except during Lent and Advent.  They can also be scheduled outside of Mass on Saturday and Sunday.  Please call Betsy Shulkosky at (724) 935-2104 x234 to schedule your child’s Baptism.

Baptismal Record
After the Baptism, the information will be recorded in the parish Baptism Register. Your child’s permanent Sacramental Record will always be kept at this parish. Before your child’s reception of other Sacraments (First Reconciliation, First Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, and Holy Orders), entry to Catholic School, or Religious Profession, you will be asked for an updated copy of the Baptismal Certificate. It will always be issued from this parish. The information about your child’s Sacramental Life—wherever those events may happen—will always be recorded here at SS John & Paul Parish as well.

Baptism and Adoption
When a child is in the process of being adopted, the natural parents must consent to the Baptism. Otherwise, the Sacrament will be postponed until after the adoption has been finalized, except in danger of death. Foster parents do not have the authority to present a foster child for Baptism.

Older Child or Adult Baptisms
If you have an older child whom you would like to be Baptized, please contact Jason Gawaldo at (724) 935-2104 x228 and we will design a preparation program to meet your needs. If you are an adult who has not previously been baptized and wish to be baptized in the Catholic Church, please contact Sr. Annie Bremmer at (724) 935-2104 x223 to learn more about our RCIA program.