The Sacrament of Reconciliation

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There is an opportunity for confession each Saturday at SS John & Paul from 4:00-4:45 PM. This Sacrament can also be celebrated by appointment, if necessary, by contacting the parish office at (724) 935-2104

Why do we have confession?

To learn more about Reconciliation, watch this short video by Bishop Robert Barron from Word On Fire Ministries. Then, you can download the Examination of Conscience Brochure. For a specific Guide to Confession for children, teens, and adults, click here.

Community & Confession

Communal Penance Services are provided during the Holy Seasons of Lent and Advent at 7:00 PM throughout our cluster of parishes. Be sure to check the bulletin during Lent and Advent for Community Penance services. Remember also to check other parish websites for confession times.

St. John Neumann
St. Alexis
St. Alphonsus

The Light is Still on For You is a diocesan initiative for confession where each parish in the diocese hosts confession from 6:00-9:00 PM on one designated night. This initiative usually take place during Lent and Advent.

Opportunities for reconciliation are also a major part of our Faith Formation. Twice a year, Family Penance Services are provided so that children and parents can come together and celebrate this Sacrament of peace and reconciliation.

All of these additional opportunities for the Sacrament are announced through the parish bulletin and will be announced on our website.

First Penance Preparation

Visit our First Penance Preparation Page for information about the process.