Health And Wellness Ministry

The Health and Wellness Ministry provides spiritual enrichment to persons working in health and wellness and promotes health and wellness of the mind, body, and spirit within the parish community. This is accomplished via four distinct committees of the group.

The Spiritual Development Committee organizes speakers dealing with healthcare ethics and spiritual enrichment to enhance the spirituality of health and wellness providers.
Contact: Joe Dejonckheere at or 412-328-5344

The Health Knowledge Committee organizes lectures for the parish concerning health and wellness topics.
Contact: Nick Uhler at or 724-612-5517

The Wellness Activities Committee organizes events and activities within the parish that promote a healthy lifestyle.
Contact: Michael Mesoras at or 412-298-4965

The Health Services Committee plans and implements parish programs for improving one’s health, such as health screenings and arthritis workshops.
Contact: Barbara Bean at or 412-600-5009

Although the events will be open to the entire parish, membership in the health and wellness ministry is limited to healthcare professionals or those working in health advocating, such as physicians, non-physicians, allied health professionals, health administrators, clergy, and wellness providers. Other members may join with permission of the group, as long as their addition to the ministry provides some benefit to the goals of the group, i.e. healthcare attorney, etc.

By meeting with other Catholic health professionals, members can gain a greater understanding and respect for their faith through their profession, as well as a greater feeling of community within the church because of participation.

Meetings are quarterly on the first Wednesday of the month.

Health and Wellness Ministry Contact: