Lectors proclaim the Word of God, primarily at Saturday, Sunday and Holy Day Masses, but also at weekday Masses, funerals, and special liturgical services, such as the Holy Week Triduum. Two lectors are scheduled for Sunday Masses. A volunteer system is used for other assignments. In addition to proclaiming scripture, the lectors also read any parish announcements and, if a deacon is not present at the liturgy, the Prayers of the Faithful. All lectors are expected to use the practice books purchased by the parish to rehearse before each assignment and are required to attend one training session per year. There are three to four sessions per year.

Serving as a lector helps the individual to develop a deeper understanding of scripture. When proclaiming, the lector should strive to help the congregation hear the Word of God as the author of the selection intended for it to be heard. Using the suggestions in the practice book and meditating on the selection’s meaning for one’s own life help to achieve this goal. Thus, proclaiming scripture serves as a way to deepen one’s own relationship with God.

As a Lector, you can expect to be assigned once every four to six weeks.

Both adults and young people of high school age who have received Confirmation are invited to be Lectors.

For general and training information: Contact Deacon Tom Lopus at tlopus@stsjohnandpaul.org or 724-935-2104 X226.

For schedule updates and changes: Contact Kirstin Cenk at kcenk@stsjohnandpaul.org or 724-935-2104 X289.

New and current ministers can use the Liturgical Ministries Information Form to update their Mass preferences or contact information.