Liturgical Ministries

All parishioners are invited and encouraged to participate in Liturgical Ministries involved with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. (Some ministries may require training.) Contact Kirstin Cenk at or (724) 935-2104 x289 for details.

To be a Liturgical Minister, you must be Safe Environment Compliant. Please contact Angela Manczka at if you have questions about clearances.

Opportunities to serve include:
Altar/Master Servers
Eucharistic Ministers

If you are interested in the Music Ministries, please visit our Music Ministries page.

Today – Dec. 30, 2018 Liturgical Minister Schedule: 4Q2018 minister schedule – edit 16

Dec. 31, 2018 – March 31, 2019 Liturgical Minister Schedule: 1Q2019 minister schedule – edit 2

Please note that the schedule is updated each week as changes are requested and is posted here for your convenience. If you see an open position that you would like to fill, please contact Kirstin at or (724) 935-2104 x289 and she will confirm with you and update the schedule accordingly. Likewise, if you are unable to serve at your scheduled time, please contact Kirstin as soon as possible so she can make arrangements for someone to sub for you.

New and current ministers can use the Liturgical Ministries Information Form or contact Kirstin to update their Mass preferences/contact information.