Men’s Club Golf League

The Men’s Club Golf League is open to all Men’s Club members.
Course: Clover Hill Golf Course – Franklin Park, PA
Tee Time: Wednesday Evenings, 6:00 PM

Contact: Larry Mueller at or 412-951-0447 or Ray Roche


League entry fee is $20 and is due by the first round of play on May 2. The entry fee will be used to purchase prizes, which are to awarded at the end of the season. Larry Mueller will hold the prize pool. People joining the league late must pay when they play their first round.

Play will consist of up to five foursomes. Upon arrival, each player needs to put their name on the pair sheet. The pair sheet will be cut up, deposited into a hat and foursomes will be established by drawing pairs from the hat. The tee order is determined by the order that the foursomes are drawn. The first foursome drawn goes off first, etc…

Contact Larry Mueller by the Sunday prior to the Wednesday of play if you are not able to attend that week. The league coordinator will contact alternates to fill the open spots on the Monday preceding the play date. You are welcome to contact an alternate on your own.

Players must arrive by 5:45 PM. Please call one of the league coordinators prior to 5:45 PM if you know that you are going to be late. If you do not get an answer, keep calling, do not leave a message. Alternates may fill slots that are still open after 5:45 PM. Players arriving late who do not call in will be allowed to play if space is still available. In the event that the tee time gets moved up, foursomes will be drawn from the pairs on hand and dispatched immediately.

Score cards must be turned in to one of the league coordinators following each round of play. A complete 9-hole score during league play constitutes a qualified game. Count all shots and penalty strokes. The league is not responsible for lost score cards.

A handicap will be applied to all scores for the purpose of rankings and prize awards. A player’s handicap will be based on an average of the handicaps from a player’s first four rounds of golf using USGA handicapping guidelines modified for 9-hole play.

Formula: Round down 9999Score-course rating)*2*113)/Slope)*.96)/2

Simplified: (score-30.5)*1.0532 then round down

The first four handicaps will be added together and divided by four to determine the average. Clover Hill has a course rating of 30.5 and a slope rating of 103. Handicaps will range from 0 to 20. Any handicap below 0 will be adjusted to 0 and above 20 will be adjusted to 20. Franctional handicaps will be rounded down to the next whole number.

Adjusted score will be calculated by taking your regular score and subtracting your handicap. Handicaps will be applied to all scores and will be retroactively applied to the first four scores.

Prizes are awarded based on the following criteria:

The player must have paid their entry fee on time.

A player must play at least 10 qualified games of golf in order to be in consideration for a prize.
A players 10 best adjusted scores will be used to determine position for prizes unless otherwise noted.

First Place: The player with the lowest combined adjusted score form their best 10 qualified games. The award is the balance of the prize pool after the other awards are paid out. In the event where the second place award exceeds the first, the second place award will be adjusted down in increments of $25 until less than the first place prize.

Second Place: The player with the second lowest combined score from their best 10 qualified games. The award is a $100 gift card to Dicks Sporting Goods.

Closest to the pin: The player closest to the pin on the first hole on July 11th will be awarded one of the complementary SSJP Golf Outing Tickets.

Drawing: A drawing will be held on July 11 to determine the winner of one of the complementary SSJP Golf Outing Tickets. The names of all golf league members including alternates will be entered into the drawing.

Best Improvement: The player with the best percentage increase of the average of their real score from their first three games versus the real score of their last single game. The award is a $25 gift card to Dicks Sporting Goods.
Calculation: Last Game/((game 1+game 2+game 3)/3)-1

Last place: The player with the highest combined adjusted score from their best 10 qualified games. The award is one golf lesson.

In the case of a tie, a coin toss will be used to determine the winner. A player can only win one prize. The player may pick which prize to keep. If a player is not eligible to win or cannot attend the SSJP Golf Outing, the ticket will go to the next player in line to receive the prize (next closest to the pin or name drawn). Co-coordinators are not eligible to win Golf Outing Tickets.

Please see a golf league coordinator if a make-up round is needed. Make-up rounds will be considered on a case by case basis. All make-up rounds must be played at Clover Hill Golf Course. You must have your score card signed by the course manager on duty. Make-up rounds are only in consideration at the end of the season if you have played 9 of 10 games.

Our tee time is late. It is imperative that all groups keep up with the group in front of them. If you can’t keep up, let the group behind you play through.

USGA and Course Rules apply at all times. See score card for course rules. If there is a rule question on the course, for the sake of speed of play, play two balls for the remainder of the hole and log both scores. The rule committee will judge after play. This comes into play when discussing where to drop a ball, etc.

The above rules are intended for friendly play. Any challenges to the rules, infringements of the rules, or situations not covered by these rules will be addressed and/or judged by the co-coordinators. In the case of a split decision, the Men’s Club President will cast the decisive vote. All rulings and decisions are final.