Prior to Mass, a Sacristan prepares for the Eucharist. This includes marking the correct passages in all of the books used in the Mass. The Sacristan also places cruets, chalices, and hand towels on the credence table in the sanctuary as well as preparing the cups and ciboria. Finally, the Sacristan makes sure that the Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, and Alter Servers are signed in or finds replacements for those who do not show up. At the conclusion of Mass, the Sacristan removes the items from the credence table and purifies the cups and ciboria. Serving as a Sacristan helps the individual develop a deeper reverence for the Eucharist.

Adults who have a desire to assist in the preparation of the altar and other sacristan duties must meet with the approval of the Pastor and complete training in order to be a Sacristan.

For general and training information: Contact Deacon Jim Olson at or 724-935-2104 X262.

For schedule updates and changes: Contact Kirstin Cenk at or 724-935-2104 X289.

New and current ministers can use the Liturgical Ministries Information Form to update their Mass preferences or contact information.