Small Group Guide 2016 


Small faith sharing or discipleship groups are a wonderful way to build fellowship and grow in faith within a larger parish or community. At Sts. John and Paul we strive to help individuals form small groups of 5-7 people in which they can grow in an intimate way guided by the Holy Spirit and grounded in Christian friendship and faith.

Each group is founded on four elements: prayer, fellowship, learning, and service. The individuals in the group decide on the meeting time, place and location which is usually each or every other week for 1 ½ hours at someone’s home, coffee shop or local eatery. There is usually someone in the group who comes forth to organize the initial logistics and get things going, but each member of the group is equal with no clear leader to dominate the conversation or decisions.

Each group decides on the area of focus, though we recommend Bishop Zubik’s fourth pastoral letter, “The Church Evangelizing,” as a great starting point. The letter can be read out loud together over a period or 7-10 weeks and the included discussion questions make for easy conversation. These letters are available at the parish office for anyone who is interested.

Small groups are not intended for therapy or counseling nor are they directed Bible Studies. They can however, help you to share your struggles and joys with others in your group while you learn together about different areas of the Catholic faith.

Small groups can be formed by getting together a group of friends or individuals with similar interests and just starting. Small groups can also be formed through the help of the parish office by letting us know your preferences and we will then match you with other interested individuals. Small groups are life giving and life changing. Consider joining one today!

Please contact Kirstin at the parish office at or (724) 935-2104 x289 or fill out the form below for additional information or to get started in a small group.