Special Needs

The parish of Saints John & Paul is a welcoming faith community which celebrates the gifts that every member brings to the Body of Christ. The Special Needs Awareness Committee seeks to fully include individuals with special needs in the life and ministries of our parish community.

Special Needs Awareness Ministry from Saints John & Paul Parish on Vimeo.

Our Patron

Servant of God, Father Bill Atkinson, O.S.A

(photo: http://www.augustinian.org)

The church has begun the process of investigation for the Sainthood of Father Atkinson. William Edward Atkinson, O.S.A., entered the Order of St. Augustine as a novice on September 9, 1964. In 1965, while still in formation, he was injured in a near-fatal tobogganing accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Nevertheless, he endured in his desire to continue as an Augustinian.

     With a special dispensation from Pope Paul VI, Bill was ordained to the priesthood on February 2, 1974, almost nine years after the accident that left him a quadriplegic. Father Atkinson compared life to a card game, saying, “You either play with the cards that you have been dealt or you fold, and I am not ready to fold.” He described his disability as allowing him to witness Jesus in the care he received from others, which assured him “of the Father’s love, turning a stumbling block into a stepping stone.”

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Important Information

Next Committee Meeting: Check the week ahead section of the bulletin for the next Special Needs committee meeting date!

Special Needs Mass: Our mass will be in November 2017.

If you or a loved one have special needs and would like to share your gifts with SS John & Paul Parish, please CLICK HERE  for our Special Needs Survey.

CLICK HERE for Faith Formation Special Needs resources.

CLICK HERE for Other Accessible Resources of the Parish.

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Accessibility for Mass

Hearing Assistance devices are available for use during Mass.  Hearing devices are located in the ushers’ room in in the back (near the narthex) of the church.   If you would like a hearing device from the ushers’ room, please see an usher.

Accessible Seating is available on the outside aisles of the first 4-5 rows of each of the front center rows and in the first row of seating in the rear sections of the Church.

If you prefer to receive communion at your seat, please alert an usher.

Get Involved

CLICK HERE to fill out the SSJP Special Needs Survey.